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Jungle Formula is UK’s No 1 mosquito repellent. After being widely accepted across the world, Jungle Formula has now come to India to a give tough competition to the mosquitoes and other biting insects. Jungle Formula is brand new weapon in the age old fight against mosquitoes. Jungle Formula is a unique blend of plant extracts and plant based chemicals which ensures that mosquitoes keep on waiting all night and you get a good night’s sleep. The Jungle Formula range offers a complete set of protection depending on the individuals need.

Jungle Formula uses DEET. DEET is trusted globally as the most effective active component for insect repellants and used by over 200 million people annually.

Jungle Formula also boasts of a unique concept called the IRF(Insect Repellent Factor). IRF helps you to choose what level of protection you need as you go different places. The higher the IRF, the better the protection.

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