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    Ques: What insects are repelled?

Ans: Mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects.

    Ques: What does IRF stand for?

Ans: IRF stands for Insect Repellent Factor which helps consumers decide what level of protection is right for them.

    Ques: How does the IRF factor help me decide which product to choose?

Ans: The scale and descriptors explain the IRF factor; the higher the IRF, the better the protection.

    Ques: Why are Jungle Formula DEET based products (Medium and Maximum) better than other DEET based products on the market?

Ans: The proprietary combination of plant extracts and DEET in Jungle Formula helps slow down the evaporation of DEET from the skin and therefore prolong the duration of protection.

    Ques: Which product should I use if I am going to the tropics?

Ans: Experts recommend a high DEET product, so the Maximum products are suitable which contain 50% DEET.

    Ques: Are the products safe for asthmatics?

Ans: The pump sprays, lotion and roll-on are suitable.

    Ques: Are the products suitable for children?

Ans: It is safe to use for children from 3 years of age upwards.

    Ques: Which Jungle Formula product provides the longest protection in terms of time?

Ans: Jungle Formula Maximum products last for up to 10 hours.

    Ques: How/where should these products be applied?

Ans: To all exposed areas of skin. For ease of application Jungle Formula Sprays are ideal for the body, but for more sensitive areas like the face and neck, lotions and roll-ons are more appropriate.

    Ques: Do I need to re-apply product after swimming?

Ans: Yes, it is advisable to do so.

    Ques: How frequently do I need to apply the product?

Ans: This is dependent on a number of factors, such as climate and sweating.

    Ques: Will the product damage my/or my children’s skin if I apply it too often?

Ans: No, all the products are safe to use, provided the instructions are followed.

    Ques: Will the product damage or mark my clothes?

Ans: Products containing DEET may cause damage to clothes, so direct contact should be avoided.

    Ques: Will the product discolour or affect my jewellery?

Ans: DEET may affect jewellery, so avoid direct contact.

    Ques: Will the product damage/discolour my hair if I accidentally get spray onto it?

Ans: The products should not damage or discolour hair; however they should not be applied directly.

    Ques: Where should I store the products?

Ans: Ideally in a cool dry place.

    Ques: Once opened/used, how long will the products last?

Ans: The lotion and roll-on formats can be used up to one year after first use, but the pump spray effectiveness can extend up to 5 years.

    Ques: Can Jungle Formula be used in conjunction with a sunscreen product?

Ans: Yes, but you should apply the sunscreen first, allow it to dry and then apply Jungle Formula.

    Ques: Which Jungle Formula product should I use if I am visiting a country where malaria is endemic?

Ans: When visiting any country with a risk of insect transmitted disease, you should use a Jungle Formula Maximum product, which contains 50% DEET.

    Ques: How long will Jungle Formula protect me for?

Ans: The Jungle Formula Maximum range provides up to 10 hours protection, whilst the Medium and Naturals provide up to 8 hours. However you should reapply as necessary, depending on conditions, as high temperature, humidity and other environmental factors can reduce the duration of protection of all insect repellents.

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