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No preventive medication offers 100% protection, so the first line of defense is to avoid being bitten.

The mosquitoes which carry malaria are night time feeders and day time sleepers. They actively feed between dusk and dawn, so that is when you need to take extra precautions like:

  • Using a product from Jungle Formula's insect repellent range. Apply Jungle Formula insect repellent to all exposed areas of skin. * Reapply regularly to ensure complete protection, particularly in extreme conditions, as high temperature, humidity and other environmental factors can reduce the duration of protection of all insect repellents.
  • Wear long sleeved shirts, long trousers and socks to cover ankles between dusk and dawn.
  • Try to sleep in rooms that have screens on all windows and doors.
  • Sleep under mosquito nets, which have been impregnated with Permethrin. Make sure the net has no holes in it and tuck it under the mattress. If you are in a mosquito area for a long time remember to re-treat your net with Permethrin every six months.

But remember, other diseases, such as Dengue Fever are carried by mosquitoes that bite during the day, so it is important be protected during daytime hours as well.

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